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I-NOMA volunteers come from all sorts of backgrounds to give their time for a good cause! We value volunteers with different skills, experiences, and educational achievements. Eligible volunteers include:

  • College graduates

  • College students

  • Seasoned Professionals who have retired and want to mentor future generations

  • Emerging Professionals looking to build experience and professional connections

  • Individuals with interest in mentoring youth

  • Individuals with experience or interest in the design professions

  • Employer supported or sponsored volunteers


EXECUTIVE | One who has assumed responsibility for the direction and management of a committee (Team) or initiative, forming a team to support their objectives. Includes Executive Board Members and Committee Chairs. Membership required.

LEADER | High energy members with goals to grow in leadership and responsibility. Holds defined role on a Team and is responsible for taking direction, delegating, and executing tasks.

ACTIVE MEMBER | Members who actively participate in I-NOMA events and assist for specific programs or initiatives for a predetermined period of time.

VOLUNTEER | Members and non-members who want to contribute their time and talents to the success of I-NOMA events and initiatives on an as-needed basis, and for special events.


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In accordance with NOMA's terms and conditions, a background check would be carried out on all volunteers. Please provide all the information requested for accurately and be sure to select a minimum of two days. Should any more information be required, volunteers would be contacted individually. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us via email at projectpipeline@i-noma.org