I-NOMA is a family where all are welcome. We are passionate about the vitality of professionals in the industry of design and construction. With open arms it welcomes those with a vision for a more equitable field and the willingness to give to and receive from the community NOMA provides. Whether you have worked in your field for forty years, or forty hours, there is a place for you to grow. Workshops, panels, and seminars provide perfect platforms for you to network, mentor, and sharpen your skills. Membership grants access to countless opportunities like these where your career can thrive. Register at the national website, then check out our calendar for all the exciting events happening this year


NOMA is continuously striving to strengthen the organization, local chapters across the country and the members it serves. NOMA membership is the most effective and beneficial when you are active in your local chapter. INOMA offers mentorship and local networking opportunities as well as programs tailored to interests particular to you. 

*Please note that membership fees are for the calendar year starting on January 1 and are not prorated.




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