high school students

For the Design Build program, I-NOMA partners with a local, community-based organization that is interested in connecting youth to architecture and design and is in need of a small renovation. We inspire our students to be active participants in uplifting their communities, while using architecture as a tool to make those changes.  Over the course of this 12 week program, we lead 15-20 students through the design process and renovation of a space for the partner organization.

Featured in the video above is our 2018 partnership with the Chicago Child Care Society. Working with this organization was a tremendously rewarding experience and we are excited to our 2019 Design Build Request for Proposals (RFP).

We are looking for a possible partner organization to function as the "client" for the teens in the program. If you are an interested organization, please see below. If you know of an organization to match the below requirements, please direct them here. 

Prospective Partner Requirements: 

  • Partner should be a local, community-work based organization that impacts minority communities (that ideally also works with youth).

  • Partner should be willing and able to partner with I-NOMA to work collaboratively for a demanding project. 

  • Project scope must be clearly defined, between approximately 500 - 2500sf, and not require permitting. 

  • Project must be achievable in a 12 - 14 week timeframe. 

  • Partner should own the project space, and it should be an accessible location in the city. 

If this sounds like a good match for your organization, download the RFP below for further details. 

Please completely fill out all sections in detail. Additionally, please review the RFP thoroughly to ensure you are a good fit for the partnership, as it is a significant investment of time and resources on both our parts. Keep in mind, this is a competitive RFP. Send all questions to

The RFP must submitted by 5:00pm on Friday, April 26th.