I-NOMA....a great example of how a professional organization can also operate as “second family
— Alexus Davis | NOMAS Member | 2016 I-NOMA Student of the Year




University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The NOMAS chapter at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign is a continuously growing family dedicated to creating a community of inclusion at the School of Architecture and to providing resources and opportunities for the maximum success for its members. Through workshops, networking events, and a strong tie to the professional chapter in Chicago, NOMAS UIUC serves as a tool to guide its members from education to professional experience.


School of the Art Institute of Chicago

NOMAS SAIC provides resources for students to network, develop their future career, and foster conversation about other architecture and identities. Their unique place within an art school creates an open platform for diverse practices, identities, and ambitions to gather and support one another in a wider hub of creativity. 

For more information, contact Louisa Zheng





NOMASiit is a community of students of all backgrounds working towards broadening their architectural skills and experiences in order to compete and succeed in the field. With help from the Illinois Chapter, NOMASiit will provide networking opportunities, tight professional connections, a strong community of students who assist each other, and great opportunities to get involved in the field of architecture. This organization provides an enthusiastic atmosphere where a successful future can be achieved. 

For more information, contact Ricardo Chaidez



university of illinois in chicago

The lack of minorities in the architecture field is a crucial problem because it misrepresents the views of the majority. In effect, this can lead to inappropriate solutions and limited perspective. To solve this problem, we aim to set our members apart by developing personal, professional, and academic skills while enhancing our communities through lectures, career development activities, and design competitions. Our goal is to develop future leaders who not only bring diversity to the field, but are aware of the problems we face and are capable of solving them together.

For more information, contact Walmer Saavedra