ARE Pep and Prep

This last stage of the pipeline is geared towards our emerging professionals. I-NOMA currently has a high concentration of ARE candidates preparing for and taking their licensing exams and to support them, I-NOMA has launched the ARE Pep and Prep initiative to ensure that our members are motivated and equipped to get licensed.

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Preparation is the key to success! To support ARE candidates preparing to take the exams, I-NOMA will be hosting regular study sessions where attendees will have the opportunity to study alongside their peers, get access to our library of ARE resource, and get valuable advice and support from members who have successfully navigated the ARE exam process.

Invited speakers will share their personal tips and resources on passing the exams or provide expert advice on exam topics that will be encountered.

The goal of these sessions is to provide a space for you to review what you have studied, get feedback from your peers, or just study independently alongside people who are in the same boat as you.

ARE study sessions are offered at no cost to I-NOMA members! Head over to our events page to RSVP for the next session!



If you are a paid I-NOMA member in the process of taking the ARE licensure exams, the 3 EXAM CHALLENGE is exactly the motivation you need to complete your next professional goal! 

With the support of I-NOMA, alongside fellow members, we challenge you to stay focused and motivated to work through the study materials and complete 3 ARE exams in six months. If you complete 3 exams within a six month time frame, you will be eligible to receive a $500 reward.* The first three members to complete the challenge will win the $500 reward. 

Here’s how I-NOMA will support you during your exam journey:

01 We provide you with a time frame to start mapping achievable steps towards completing your exams.

02 Members participating in the challenge receive access to ARE study materials, including study guides and practice exams.

03 I-NOMA hosts our ARE Pep and Prep series of study sessions and seminars.

The challenge IS NOW LIVE, so start marking your calendars for the next exam now!

To request for access to study materials or send a copy of the three passed exams within the challenge window, please email with the subject line 3-Exam Challenge.

*You must be a paid member for the duration of your testing period to qualify for the challenge.


For all of you that are ALMOST there, stay tuned for our 2-exam challenge…



  • Never take your test on an empty stomach. You’ll want to stay focused on the exam and not what meal you're going to get once you get done!

  • Pick a time to study every day and stick to it. It's a good idea to have a study schedule, so even if you get off track, you'll always have a guide to come back to.

  • Don't overload yourself with study materials. Select a few sources that house everything you need to know about the exam and make those your go-to resources.