Our Project Pipeline Programing is designed to educate, inspire and mentor students as they matriculate through rigors of becoming a licensed architect.  We inspire the youth as early as the age of 10 through our architectural summer camp, field trips and workshops. In high school we enhance their understanding of design, community responsibility and construction, through our design-build program. We also work with other local institutions, such as the ACE mentoring programing to ensure the students are prepared to enter college. During a student's college years, we encourage them to join one of our NOMAS chapter (a college NOMA chapter) where they foster their leadership skills, focus on design and identity while giving back to their communities. Lastly, at the tale end of the pipeline, we support our young professionals through the architectural registration exams through mentoring, study groups, study materials and financial support where possible. To learn more see the video below.



(Middle School)


PROJECT PIPELINE CAMP is a process driven Architecture Camp for Students of Chicago. Students will be introduced to the people, professions, and ideas that makeup the design profession. Camp attendees of varied skill levels and interests are asked to work both individually and collaboratively to address community focused issues through creativity and design innovation.





Project Pipeline WorkShops

(Middle School) 

I-NOMA conducts monthly intro to architecture seminars at various schools throughout the Chicago-land area.  Our workshops are typically two hours long and include a brief talk on architecture followed by a model making and sketching exercises.  If your school is interested in having I-NOMA conduct a workshop please click below. If you have any other questions or concerns please email us at directly.  I-NOMA volunteers should RSVP at the specific workshop listed on our Events Page. 


Project Pipeline Field Trips

Middle School to High School 

To become an amazing designer we believe you have to experience amazing designs.  As such we schedule field trips for our members, project pipeline students and affiliates to participate in.  To sign up for our field trips please see our Events Page. 


Project Pipeline Design-Build Program

High School Students 


We inspire our students to be active participants in uplifting their communities; while using architecture as a tool to make those changes.  During this 12 week program, students will be designing and renovating a local community center, typically a non-for-profit that provides services to our communities.




NOMAS Chapters are our College NOMA Chapters, typically these chapters operate autonomously with each chapter having their own brand, identity and culture.  In Illinois, we have four very active chapters, which I-NOMA strives to continue to create synergies with.  In doing so, this year I-NOMA has launched the NOMAS NextGen Series, along with shadowing and internship prep opportunities and will assist NOMAS students in certifying all their programs for continuing education credits.

I-NOMA’s Legacy Events are collaborations with our local NOMAS chapters, where I-NOMA will sponsor each school to host a day of activities that will enhance our collective leaderships skills and to create organic NOMA/NOMAS mentoring opportunities through community engagement and/or discussions on revolving on identity and design.

I-NOMA also provides NOMAS Leadership Awards along with student Design Competitions in order to provide NOMAS students with Merit base scholarships.  To learn more about these opportunities please see our blog. 




emerging Professionals

During this last stage of the pipeline, I-NOMA offers its members the following to help our professionals complete licensure.  I-NOMA provides mentoring and study group assistance for all its members taking the ARE’s. Not only do we pair you with your peers, we look to pair with you experts in the profession to provide in depth insights into topics on the exams. I-NOMA will provide study materials, such as Kaplan, Ohare and temporary access to Black spectacles online training program. I-NOMA also provides incentive base programs, such as our 3 Exam Challenge; which gives our members of the opportunity to earn a $500 stipend for completing the three exams between March and September.  To learn more and participate in the 3-Exam Challenge, please email