3-Exam Challenge 2018

If you are in the process of taking the ARE licensure exams this year, the 3 Exam Challenge is exactly what you need to complete your next professional goal! It starts today, and ends on the last day of the year. Within that time, you will have the opportunity to receive a refund for 3 passed exams.


With the support of I-NOMA alongside fellow members you can stay focused and motivated to work through the exam materials and complete the 3 exams in seven months. Here’s how I-NOMA will help you accomplish this challenge:

01 You will receive access to ARE study material, including study guides and practice exams.

02 We provide you with a timeframe to start creating achievable steps towards licensure. You can start marking your calendars for the next exam now!

03 The 3 Exam Challenge is a commitment that you make and that you are accountable for. I-NOMA will support your seven-month journey because we want you to succeed.

The challenge kicks off today. Ask for access to study material or send a copy of the three passed exams within the challenge timeframe to projectpipeline@i-noma.org