Recap: Project Pipeline Workshops

The mission of Project Pipeline is to empower young people to affect change in their community through design. Using the city as the classroom, and connecting young people to real world architects and planners, we foster the next generation of design professionals, civic leaders, and change makers.  We advocate for fellowship, equity, and excellence in design. Led by Alexus Davis, throughout the year I-NOMA has hosted multiple Project Pipeline Workshops at schools across the city of Chicago - introducing the design industry to young students.

  • Unity High School - 3/16

  • Rich South High School - 3/21

  • Henderson Elementary - 3/22

  • Southeast Area Elementary - 4/11

  • Jefferson Elementary - 4/12

  • Gensler - 4/27

  • Altus Academy - 5/10, 5/24

  • Albany Park Community Center - 6/21

March 2019 - Unity Jr High School Workshop

The first workshop, held at Unity High School, was ran by Alexus Davis, Jennifer Johnson, and Timothy Alston. 7th-8th grade students were asked to evaluate an existing problem - something they felt was missing in their community. After the students brainstormed possible solutions, they developed their designs through spaghetti and marshmallow models, plans, and sections. In the end the students decided there wasn’t a landmark that defined their neighborhood and its rich history. Creating a garden centered around statues of their neighborhood’s founding members - accompanied by a restaurant - was the great amenity addition to their community. The design would provide a need while also bringing a sense of community to the neighborhood. Having the students come up with a design solution, draw it out, and then present to the rest of their classmates shows them the value of design and presenting their ideas to others. Below are some of the photos from various workshops over the year.


Project Pipeline workshops culminate in the Project Pipeline Summer Camp held every year. Please sign up to be a student/volunteer for the camp at the following link:

Project Pipeline Summer Camp 2018

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