Tote Bag Design Competition

Each year I-NOMA hosts Project Pipeline architectural camp for interested high school students as part of a national initiative to introduce the world of architectural design to the younger generation. Throughout the event all students as well as volunteers will be wearing the Project Pipeline T-shirt, and that’s where we need your design talent! Now announcing the 2017 Project Pipeline Tote Bag Competition !


  • Must submit a high resolution file (vector preferred), with the ability to be printed clearly within a 10” x 10” space 
  • Designs should include the Project Pipeline logo provided in the base file
  • Designer should choose 1 out of the 4 colors available as the base color of the t-shirt (red, grey, black, white, as included in the base file attached above)
  • Design should be realized with two or fewer colors not including the T-shirt color (because less is more) 
  • All artwork must be original, including all design elements used in your submission

 All submissions will be reviewed by a jury of I-NOMA leadership and the top design within the stated criteria will be selected. We reserve the right to decline any design with inappropriate or offensive content or imagery, or any artwork that does not reflect the values of I-NOMA and its Project Pipeline camp. By submitting your artwork to the competition, you are authorizing I-NOMA for its reproduction on Project Pipeline tote bags, as well as its use in all related marketing and other efforts. The winning design will be put on all tote bags handed out to students and guests attending the 2017 Project Pipeline summer camp. The top designs will be announced in July or earlier. 

Winner will receive a reward of $500 

Design submissions are being accepted now through March 31st, 2017. Email submissions to with the name of the competition in the subject title.

Click here to download a copy of the base file we have prepared for you to jump start your design!

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